Saturday, November 6, 2010

Zeus is in a cage :(

A few days ago, daddy decided that the crate training method because Zeus is still not peeing and pooping in the right place. So daddy got Zeus's cage from Zeus's ex-owner today.

Very sad, I know, Zeus kept whining and whining for attention. Of course daddy thought the whining is to indicate that he wanted to pee and poop, and Zeus got smacked for giving false alarm.

Zeus did pee and poop in the cage anyway, and he ate his poop again.

The rabbit (Boss) has been moved to the living room because the article we read advised that other animals running free in the house would make the 'puppy in training' jealous that other pets get to run free.

Anyway, on Weds, mummy received Zeus's bed and decided to try it out on Zeus.

It fits Zeus just right, but Zeus was more interested in playing with it than lying in it.

Anyway, mummy is not giving the bed to Zeus for now, since Zeus is still very naughty and playful. Maybe when Zeus is a bit more grown up then mummy will give it to him.

Also, Zeus is very curious about Boss.

This was yesterday when the both of them was in the kitchen. Zeus seemed to like lying near Boss. On one occasion, I think he tried to nip Boss's bum.  See picture below.

Then Boss darted back into the box where Zeus can't reach him.

Today when Zeus was let out of his cage, he immediately went to the living room where Boss was and licked Boss in the face. Boss got a fright though. Boss is still very wary of Zeus.

Poor Zeus, when mummy came home and took Zeus out of the cage and cuddled him, Zeus immediately snuggled in mummy's arms, and then fell asleep. Not sure whether it's a ploy of Zeus's but it seemed to work with mummy, she let him sleep in her arms for 1-2 hours before putting him back in the cage.

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