Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Say Hello to Boss!

He just arrived today, after a long week or more of waiting, microchipped and sterilised. The fee for adoption from SPCA (rabbits and small animals) is only $10. A pretty good deal I reckon. I wonder if the microchip is painful though, he has a small patch of scarred fur on his side. I hope they didn't operate on him just to put the microchip inside :(

Boss is very quiet, inquisitive, and quite smart. As soon as I put him in his box (only temporary as the grills arrive tomorrow), he stood up on his hind legs and put his front paws on top of the box to peek over. (It's quite ironic the grills meant for Boss was used for the puppy instead).

Zeus doesn't seem to care too much about Boss. There was no reaction when I took Boss out and put him on the floor by Zeus's pen. I thought maybe Zeus was too excited by me to notice Boss. But even when I hugged and petted Zeus, and then hugged and petted Boss in front of Zeus..there was total nonchalence on Zeus's part. Hmmm. We were expecting Zeus to bark or even be jealous of Boss, but ..nothing. Hmm, maybe it'll be easier to socialise them after all. Zeus probably prefers human company.

On another note, Zeus has regained eating his poo again. Looks like the pineapple juice didn't work. His poo is just too irresistible :(((( We hope it's just his digestive system that's not fully formed yet, and he WILL stop eating it in time to come :/

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